The Salt Box

The Salt Box

A Guide To South African Cuisine, Culture and Decor.


I’m a journalist-turned blogger who’s currently battling severe health anxiety in order to grow a tiny human. Inside my belly. Like in Alien, only not really. I’m also the author of My Blogging Secrets and Closet Essentials: 60 Core Pieces and How to Wear Them, both available on Amazon.

I’m based in central Scotland, UK, where I live with my long-suffering husband, Terry, and way too many shoes and dresses. They have their own room, in fact. God knows where the baby is going to sleep. But I’m getting ahead of myself… On December 15, 2003, Terry and I got engaged on the banks of the Grand Canyon, while holidaying in Las Vegas. Two weeks later, on boxing day of that year, Terry was diagnosed with end-stage renal failure and told that, without immediate treatment, he had just two weeks to live.

And me? I moved my blog to WordPress and turned it into a business. Forever Amber was initially supposed to be purely a personal diary, designed to document our lives post-transplant, and in the run-up to our wedding. I quickly realised, however, that working for myself was the key to eternal happiness – or, if not that, then a good way to escape my hated office job, at least – and set about turning the site into a fashion and lifestyle blog, aiming to provide style inspiration, blogging advice, and (hopefully) humorous anecdotes about day-to-day life.