The Saltbox



Brand partnerships at The Saltbox typically take the form of sponsored posts or product placement/reviews, examples of which can be seen in the links above. As my blog begun life as a personal journal, I work very hard to keep all of my partnerships as authentic, and in-keeping with the style of the blog as possible. This means that I do not accept guest posts or infographics, and will not write about products or brands which I haven’t used myself: in other words, if you’d like me to feature your brand, you must be willing to provide a product sample.

Although The Saltbox is still, at heart, a journey of South African culture and lifestyle, it is also a business, which I rely on for my income. Because of this, I’m unable to accept products in exchange for coverage, or to work for free, and it’s also important to me to work within the guidelines set by both Google and the South African CIPA regulations. This means that all sponsorships are clearly disclosed, and links within sponsored posts are subjective to being converted to “nofollow”. All of my posts, whether sponsored or otherwise, are written by me, in the style I feel best fits my blog: all submitted content will go through an audit for both originality and suitability, and may be edited where necessary.

If all of this sounds good to you, and you’re interested in working together, please feel free to contact [email protected] to discuss your requirements!