In the middle of Cape Town’s CBD is the gorgeous oasis of the Company’s Garden, originally built in the 1650s by the Dutch settlers, the gardens provided ships docking in the Cape with fresh produce to last them the journey to India or back to Europe. Today, the gardens are a sanctuary to Cape Town’s city dwellers and office workers, as well as us tourists alike.

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself with an afternoon to kill in Cape Town (not a very hard thing to do, mind you), I ended up wandering into the Company’s Gardens, and stumbling upon the eponymous restaurant from the crew of Madame Zingara fame. It’s such a lovely restaurant, definitely one I’d recommend, here’s what I thought of it:

Location, location, location

A restaurant in the middle of a park in the middle of Cape Town – how could you possibly go wrong? Massive trees overhang the outdoor seating area, providing diners with the perfect amount of dappled shade and the feeling of being far away from the city.

The Company's Garden

Outdoor Eating Venue - The Company Gardens


Since I was eating on my own, I can’t really comment on the entire menu, but my coronation chicken sandwich was fresh and tasty and the deep fried prawns on top were a delicious surprise. The menu is extensive with breakfasts, light meals, salads and platters as well as dishes for the hungrier person including portions of pasta and burgers. I’ll have to go back to sample more!

Food Platter at the Company Gardens - Cape Town

Rainy days…

While the outdoor area was the biggest drawcard for me, don’t be put off on a rainy day, there is a large indoor seating area, with the lovely decor in greens and browns and other neutrals. Gorgeous. The bar area is also undercover and the ideal spot to grab a quick bite to each when you’re on the clock.

The Company's Gardens

If the weather is good, however, its the perfect restaurant to bring your kids or nieces and nephews, (or young-at-heart adult friends!) there is a whole ‘playground’ of human-sized weavers nests to climb in and chill in, as well as swing chairs and huge frogs. Delightful.

The Company’s Garden
19 Queen Victoria Street
Cape Town City Centre

t: 021 423 2919
e: [email protected]

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