December: the end of the year, summer, a couple of weeks off without any emails/call/nagging bosses, long days, g&ts, ocean swims, fruit salads… it’s easy to see why this is our favourite time of the year! We’re getting quite fezzy here at The Saltbox, so we hope you’ll join us for the ride.

First things first – decorating your house. We made this gorgeous driftwood Christmas Tree at our beach cottage in the Wild Coast last year, and it was such a success that I just had to share it with you (and have waited a year to do it!). It’s honestly the simplest thing ever, if you’re anywhere near the cost – why not give it a try?

Tools to Create Driftwood Hanging Display

You will need:

  • A hammer
  • A screwdriver
  • Screws
  • Driftwood


1. First go for a long walk on the beach and collect as much driftwood in different lengths as you can (narrowish sticks as opposed to logs!) as well as one really long stick that will form the ‘trunk’ of your tree

Nails in Driftwood

2. Arrange the smaller sticks along the ‘trunk’ in decreasing size order

3. Use the hammer to knock the screws just a little bit, to secure them, and then screw the sticks into places onto the trunk

Driftwood Christmas Tree

4. Decorate the tree and voila

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