It’s 2017 and the renovation continues! For anyone who has been through this, you’ll know its a looooong process. Ours has been particularly long with a couple of hurdles and hiccups along the way. But, we remain positive and are looking forward to getting really stuck into the nitty-gritty this year (Lord give me strength). I’m also looking forward to saying goodbye to the Namib desert which is our front garden and sms’s from our neighbour complaining about the fact that he “even has sand in his pants!”. We promise, we feel really bad.

Renovations are a costly exercise and so we are constantly looking for ways to minimize costs and take on as much as possible ourselves. One of these tasks has involved quite a bit of landscaping design on a large expanse of garden. Daunting to say the least! I thought I would share with you some of the inspiration I have been drawing on for this process. We still have a long way to go and know that we need a degree of assistance from a landscaping team but we are hoping that a lot of the groundwork is already done!

Our main aims are – low maintenance, low water, minimalist, coastal


This is a very sketchy looking picture because it was one I took in a magazine… but it really shows the style we are going for with our garden (and house for that matter, ah I wish we could redo our roof!). We need to do a series of slopes in the front and this shows beautifully how one can achieve this right off the patio. We also love the tree aloe and are thinking of putting one right against the house.

With water at a low, plants that are low maintenance are a must! We are planning on including a variety of dune plants, succulents, and aloes to minimise how much we need to water!

Coastal Homes - Inspiration

Wild and leafy contrasted with stones, stairways and planter boxes. I love the mix of textures here.

Aloes and wild grasses mixed planted all over the slope in the front of the house. By only using 2 to 3 types of plants it keeps the minimalist look that we are going for!

WIld Aloe and Grasses

We plan to use ‘mound like’ shapes on the slope in the front garden. The round shapes and gradual slopes will be an interesting feature that creates a soft contrast to the other more modern, angular lines.

Using Grasses & Coastal Plants as Design

Wild grasses and more wild grasses. I’m obsessed.

So thats where we are for now, can’t wait to update you on the progress as we go!

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